Cool Stuff That Every Creative Mind Needs

7 Must-Haves For Creative People

Cool Stuff You’ll Find In Xenses Park

If you are the kind of person who likes to shop for cool stuff and random objects, you’ll love the things we have in Xenses Park Gift Shop. In this place, you’ll find random things like macaw shaped pens, or soaps that look like a precious rock. Here are our top 7 of cool stuff you should have. 


artículos raros

1.- An Outer Space Pot 

Perfect for decorating your office or your room. This peculiar pot not only will look awesome anywhere you decide to put it, but the sound of the water falling is really relaxing.


2.- A Mug For Decaf Days

If you can’t start your day without drinking coffee, this mug is perfect for you. The best of all is that you can fill two regular cups of your favorite coffee in this giant mug.  



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3.- Plasma Ball

Spend hours watching how the electricity travels from one side to another with this super fun object; a sphere filled with a mixture of various noble gasses with a high-voltage electrode in the center.


4.- A Succulent Pen

If you thought for a second you didn’t need anything else for your desk, you couldn’t be more wrong. This pen is perfect for decorating your office and very handy for people who tend to lose everything; the empty pot will remind you to put back the pen to its place.




5.- A Galaxy Soap 

At first sight, it may seem like a precious rock, but it’s actually a soap! It’s not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too. It contains a unique blend of whole herb extracts, vitamins, and minerals.


cool stuff

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6.- Pin Point Impression Toy Needle Art Frame

Relive your childhood with this super fun toy. Perfect for clearing your mind in the office, you can create hundreds of shapes with your hands and mold around objects. Choose between the typical silver color or this neon green.



7.- Mosaic Living Hearts

Each one of these hearts is a unique piece of art made with a special glass and mosaic technique. Perfect when you are looking for a one of a kind gift. 




This was only a teaser of all the crazy and cool stuff you will find in Xenses Park Gift Shop. You are going to want to buy all the store when you actually visit the place.

Which one of this cool stuff would you like to have?