New things you must see in your next visit to Xenses Park

Reasons to visit Xenses again

New activities you’ll love


If you’ve already visited Xenses, sure you have noticed that in every corner of the Park there are amazing things to discover: photo spots that test your mind, magic trees, a Town that tests your balance and many exciting activities that will challenge your senses. But this fantasy world doesn’t end there, keep reading to see many new things for you to discover.




1.- Visual games and optical illusions

Upon arriving in Xenses Park you’ll find new photo spots that will blow your imagination. Don’t forget that our cameras are everywhere, so smile and scan your bracelet whenever you want to have hundreds of fun photos of your visit.







2.- The Kaleidoscope

If you had a kaleidoscope when you were a child, surely you spent hours watching the amazing colors inside. In Xenses, we love those moments and want you to bring them back in a giant way; all you have to do is get inside the Kaleidoscope, scan your bracelet, smile and automatically you will be part of fun mirrors and glasses.


kaleidoscope - xenses -park


kaleidoscope - xenses -park


3.- The Heart World

Admire every detail of the almost unreal Heart World, a place where you will see hearts structures made with surprising materials such as mosaic, scrap metal, wood and even a Huichol Yarn Art heart.






4.-  Flying umbrellas

As you may have realized, everything in Xenses is fun, even the sky. Pay close attention when you’re eating and enjoy the shade of these colorful floating umbrellas.





5.- A Marbleous place

Outside the Xpá, you will find this unique underground circuit where you can watch hundreds of marbles moving quickly through this cave by small elevators, towers, ramps, spirals, bridges, and mills.




Floating umbrellas, flying marbles and hearts that send kisses, we know that all this might sound like a movie, but the reality is that you can experience it yourself on your next visit to Xenses.


What would you like to see on your next visit to Xenses Park?

Deborah Iruegas

Writer, editor & photographer seeking inspiration in nature and music.