Unique zip-lines around the world

Enjoy the ride

from the air!

A zip-line is perfect for your senses, you can see a whole new world from the air when you are in the top of them. Unique and incredible perspectives of the world you live in are waiting for you, and you’ll only be able to see them if you dare to defeat some of your fears


1.- Mega Zips, Louisville – United States


Flying in a zip-line through caverns? Yes please! Where do I sign? Well… zip-lines have the peculiarity of showing incredible landscapes, but you have to admit that flying through caverns sounds pretty cool… also, you can feel like Batman so, I don’t see anything wrong about this. 


2.- Jungle Surfing, Daintree – Australia


The Australian jungle is fantastic. This zip-line is incredible but not the most intrepid one. If you’re searching for adrenaline, this isn’t your best option, but on the other hand, you’ll learn a lot about the jungle and the animals who live there.

3.- Flight of the Gibbon , Angkor Wat – Cambodia


Thailand is a great place for everything if adventure is what you are looking for. This country has an incredible zip-line where you’ll see an extraordinary landscape that you’ll remember forever. 

4.- Zip 2000, Sun City – Southafrica



Speed and pure adrenaline, that’s what this zip-line is all about. These zip-lines are the fastest in the world! Do I need to tell you more? This is something you have to do at least once in your life.

5.- “The Great Zip-line”, Simatai – China

China recuerdos 🇨🇳 #china#greatwall #granmuralla #travel #viajar #simatai#tirolina#zipline#instacool
Author: gabriel_11pd


The Great Chinese Wall is one of the most magnificent constructions that humans have ever built, and you can see it from the sky thanks to this zip-line!


6.- “Dragon´s Breath”, Labadee – Haiti

Longest zip-line over water in the world located in #labadee, Haiti. 🇭🇹
Author: amaury_a


This zip-line drives you through the ocean to get to an island where the locals say that the waves crashing with the stones make an incredible sound, something like the roar of a dragon. As if flying through the ocean wasn’t enough.


7.- Mistrider, Ontario – United States


Nature has incredible ways for show its power and wisdom, just like the Niagara Falls. Watching this astonishing waterfall is an unforgettable show that can be even better if you fly in a zip-line. Amazing isn’t it?


8.- Bird Flight, Xenses – Mexico

Solo necesitas hacer una cosa: abrir tus alas y volar. You only need to do one thing: open your wings and fly! #TBT Foto por: @cpdemaria
Author: xensespark


There’s nothing like the freedom of flying through the sky with open arms. The bird flight in Xenses is the perfect opportunity to feel free as never before, you’ll be able to cross the jungle of Quintana Roo and, for a few seconds, get in touch with freedom.


9.- Hammock watersplash, Xplor – Mexico

Have you ever flew in a hammock? #hammocksplash
Author: xplorpark


The best of two worlds. Ride a hammock through a fun zip-line that lands in the water. I bet you’ve never lived or even imagined something like this. Also, you can enjoy the zip-line circuits of Xplor which gives you a complete landscape of the Mayan jungle.

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